2021 review

22 New Things

Storytelling, UX, Interactive Design,

Adobe Illustration, Audition, Premiere, After Effect, Aero,

Unity, Runway, GPT 3, P5.js, Tableau, Figma

Physical Computing, Arduino, Sensors, Motors,

Fabrication, Laser cut, 3d Printing, Woodshop

12 Books

16 Museums

12 Shows:



Magic Flute





Yujia Wang Mozart Piano Concert

Het Concert Gebouw, Amsterdam

Lang Lang Goldberg Variations

Carnegie Hall, NY

Aurora Live Concert

Terminal 5, NY

Dance & Film Festival

Sweet like chocolate

Het Nationale Theater, NL

59th New York Film Festival

Lincoln Center, NY

10 Trips


Texel, Westduinpark, Sand Engine, Tulip Field

Amsterdam, Delft, Alphen, Zaandam


New York

2022 New Year Resolution:

  • Stay healthy & happy

  • Gain more experience (Work / Research/ Project)

  • Book wish list:

    • 100 things every designer need to know about People

    • The Design of Everyday Things

    • Don't Make Me Think

    • Thinking fast and slow

  • Museum wish list:

    • The Frick Collection

    • MOMA

    • Guggenheim

    • Cooper Hewitt

  • Shows watch list:

    • Hamilton

    • Harry Potter and the cursed child

    • Mama Butterfly

    • Turandot

    • Sleep no more

    • Chicago

  • Travel wish list:

    • Boston

    • Berlin