Build a Ferry Wheel

1. Build the ferry wheels:

If I have more time, I will design the illustrator fills and laser cut the part. Due to the time constrain, I use DIY kit and put together the different parts,

The ferry wheel part is done, I can use my hand to let it rotate. The next step is to add the motor!

2. Mount the motor

At first, I'm thinking about using the DC motor I bought on the floor. And try to fit the motor between two stands of the ferry wheels. But I failed since the distance of the two stands is smaller than the width of the DC motor.

So I turn to the kit's motor and mount it by screwing it to the back of the shelf.

Then I also made the pulley system using plastic Servo Winch Pulley and some rubber bands. However, I think rubber bands are not that reliable, I'm thinking of buying timing belts & timing pulleys as further development of this project.

3. Some thoughts for future development

  • Use Arduino to make interactive ferry wheels. For example, use sensor inputs like distance sensors & voices to trigger the motion of ferry wheels.

  • Add lights (led strips or neopixel) to it and use ardunio to programme the pattern of the lights.