Build a flashlight

"Junk shelf is a living creature." ----- Ben Light

The homework of this week is to build a flashlight.

  1. Inspiration:

I found some beautiful flashlight/light/lunar pictures online the night before I made the flashlight:

2. Material preparation:

Since I don't have a plan for the flashlight yet. I just go to the Junk shelf to see what is available there.

I found a yellow plastic toy which I like very much, I want to use that as the body of my flashlight.

For the light part, I want to use some light I already have. I have: LED, Neopixel, Neopixel jewerel.

I also have some mirrors that I think I can use those to reflect the light.

3. Quick prototype:

Then I did a quick prototype.

  • Put the mirrors in the yellow toy to see whether it fits.

  • Use breadboard, Arduino to light up a led.

4. Making process:

  • Drill the hole:

I use the Drill Driver. The Shop assistant Angelo helps me to find the right size for the forstner Bits.

The material of the toy is a soft plastic, which is different from the feeling when drill the hole. The hole is not perfect but is big enough for my button.

  • Soldering:

Soldering the battery, resistor, led, button, wires all together. It is the second time I did soldering and I feel that I get more comfortable every time I soldered. At the beginning of soldering, I even shaked a little bit due to scareness.

  • Hot glue the mirror:

I'm thinking about using tape to fix the mirror. Then someone suggested me to use hotglue.

It is the first time I use hotglue, I realize that you really need to wait after you charge the hot glue to increase the temperature. It can do the job of sticking the mirror. Though the appearance is not perfect.

5. Final Product:

I took some photos of my flashlight in the dark enviroment. I like the reflections of the light in the mirrors

The day I made this flashlight is on Friday, the Halloween TNO!!!

I did not have any costume. But now I can use my flashlight to create some scary effect on my face :)

6. Reflection:

Overall I'm happy with my flashlight. Though I'm scared & nervous, I actually enjoy making things with my hand.

Next time, I want to try Neopixel and some light cover can create different shadows.