A collection of Happiness (between ROBOT & Me) :

A collection of Happiness (between ROBOT & Me) is an experiment on how AI understand human emotion: happiness.

We (Tuan, Yuan and me) pick 20 moments of happiness in our life.

In each group, the right side is old photos that were taken by us in that happy moment.

The left side is AI-generated (Runway attnGAN model) images using the text which descript that happy moment.

A beautiful day in the amusement park

My first child

My 18th birthday

Buy our first house

Morning ocean

A dream Offer

Sunday morning without alarm

A remarkable concert

Recover from disease

A firework over the sea

Read beside a fireplace

Freshly picked flowers

Tropical fruits

A nature getaway

Graduation ceremony

Ice cream date

Jump! Jump! Jump!

On the train ride home

Party all night


Moments of happiness:

1. Graduation, throw graduation hap into the sky.

2. At the end of the concert, the sound of applause fills the entire concert hall.

3. A happy dog when the master comes home.

4. At the airport, when a couple meets after a long-term relationship (hug & kiss)

5. When a baby is born, the face of the dad.

6. When eating my favourite icecream

7. When two friends meet on the street, both of them hug and jump.

8. Receive a job offer (shoot the email with “congratulations, ”)

9. Happy birthday scene with happy birthday song and cake,

10. Firework, the gas in the soda, sunset, proposal, wedding?

11. Weak up and look at the alarm clock find out one can still sleep for two hours.

12. Catch the subway/ bus/train on time

13. Read on a rainy day beside the fireplace.

14. Hold a warm chocolate in the Christmas market (or inside when outside is cold)