Stop motion animation: Live (leaf🍂) once more

This week, Yiting and I made a short stop motion animation using Stop Motion Studio.

The story is about a leave's one day journey to New York City.

The inspiration is actually from daily life, now it is Fall, the season which gets its name since leaves are falling. One day, when I crossed the Smith Street in Brooklyn, I saw many leaves fell down and blew away by the wind. It was very beautiful, like a dance.

In the story, we imagined the leave went on a trip to all the famous spots in New York City like "Statue of Liberty" and "Empire State Building". Of course, the leave cannot travel this far only by the wind, so we added the NY yellow cab and helicopter.

After the trip, the leave got crashed and became dirt. But we know it will return back in the coming spring, maybe start a different journey in the coming Fall. We want it to fit in a "loop" concept.

Behind the Scene :)

Brainstorm ideas:


  • 一年四季:

    • 树:树叶颜色变化

    • 花开花落

  • 万物循环:

    • 日出日落

    • 水循环

    • 塑料循环

  • 万物生长:

    • 种子

    • 小动物的一生:

      • 蝴蝶,毛毛虫

  • 时间循环:

    • Daily life, routine

    • 人类的一生:

      • 每天的时间对比一生加速的时间

    • 上班族的一天(每一天都很重复)