Build a wood house

  1. Find material and cut the wood.

Find the wood and birch wood at the Maker Space's junk shelf. Want to make a wood house out of it.

Cut the wood into 4 pieces, they are not at the same height since I want to make wood houses a little bit different from each other.

Forget to take pictures of the original thin birch wood material, but them into 8 pieces for the roofs of the houses.

Cut the sliding part of the wood house.

2. Design and Color

Draft how the wood houses will look like.

Color the houses and roofs: I used the Color Spray room downstairs to spray the color, wait a night to let it dry.

3. Glue, Draw and Decorate

Wood glue for gluing the roofs to the houses.

  1. Paint the windows & doors using brushes and acrylic paint.

  2. Use Hand Drill to drill the hole of roofs & doors and push the screws into the holes as chimneys and door handle.

4. Final look:

Color wood houses

In the future, I also want to make some fake snows to the roof.

5. Relfection

The assignment is to make 5 things of same size. But I only made 4 things, with different sizes.

However, I'm still happy about trying cutting wood and color spray for the first time. Also I really enjoy the painting process since it is a bit like a mediation process. I want to practice more woodwork in the future and I need to overcome my fear of cutting wood machines.