Hang in there

About the piece

"Hang in there" reflects the overwhelming feeling that I get related to my 1st year ITP experience so far. Sometimes I feel that all the assignments & knowledge of the classes are dropping to me but I don't have the ability to deal with (comprehend) all. Apart from schoolwork, I also worried about "social" - how I can make new friends and feel "homesick" due to long-distance relationship. The words drop down like a text rain, it will land there when it reaches your body. You will not be able to catch all the words, just like in the real life, you don't have superpower to deal with all the things. I use a silhouette for the shape of my body, and in the middle of the silhouette is the sentence that I always motivate myself "HANG IN THERE". However, over time, with more words dropping down and escalating, "HANG IN THERE" will become less and less clear and I will also be burred into all the words ....




Text rain, Camille Utterback

Your uncertain shadow, Olafur Eliasson

Coding train "snowfall", Daniel Shiffman


I start with playing with posenet

Put Euler's identity based on eyes position

Code the number rain

Number rain + camera

Number rain + working on stopping until reach dark + Formular (posenet)

Change the number and formula to text since math formula does not make sense to most people. Develop my concept. Working on improving the stopping mechanism.

Got some feedback that the texts are difficult to see, so I decide to change the background to black. Also I put "HANG IN THERE" a little bit above the eyes (like Janpaness はちまき). I feel I am nearly there. Though the body pixel of ml.js library is pretty slow.

Technical Details

Posenet (ml.js), body pixel (tensorflow.js), particle movements.


I invited Zoe and Wasif to playtest my piece. I asked them what are things that trouble them recently and what is the quote they use to motive themself. Then the corresponding text train will drop down based on their answers. I also showed the piece to my personal advisor Lusia and lots of great feedback from her.

They basically can understand what I try to convey but the program can be slow and the body pixel sometimes runs poorly (need to adjust the parameter based on different light).

Reflection and Future Work

Overall I like this project. I just self-studied p5.js by watching coding train for a week. I'm happy about what I can achieve in this short amount of time. There are several iterations and I spend a lot of time developing the code. However, there are so much to improve in the future like "Let user to type their words & quotes" and "add sounds". Thanks to the Coding train, Daniel Shiffman, Lusia, Mimi, Vesper, Zoe, Wasif...